1.21 Gigawatts


0.5 oz Fruit Cognac (Such as Hpnotiq)
0.5 oz Raspberry Vodka
1-3 drops Grenadine Syrup
1-3 drops Tabasco
1/2 Red Bull energy drink


Layer the Fruit Cognac and Raspberry Vodka  into a shot glass. Drop 1 to 3 drops of grenadine and 1-3 drops Tabasco into the centre of the shot (the shot should look red, white and blue, not all mixed together.) Prepare a normal glass (preferably not a pilsner as pilsners tend to be too small at the base) and fill it with half a can of Red Bull.

The shot glass is to be held inside the glass, at the glass’ brim and then dropped entirely into the Redbull. (There should be enough Redbull in the bottom of the glass to submerge a normal 1 oz. shot glass completely.)

The entire drink is to be consumed in one sip (or “chugged”).