Wild at Heart (1990)

Wild at Heart is a 1990 American crime thriller film written and directed by David Lynch, and based on Barry Gifford’s 1989 novel of the same name. Lynch was originally going to produce, but after reading Gifford’s book decided to also write and direct the film. He did not like the ending of the novel and decided to change it in order to stay true to his vision of the main characters. Wild at Heart is a road movie and includes several allusions to The Wizard of Oz as well as Elvis Presley and his movies.

Lynch also added new characters, like Mr. Reindeer and Sherilyn Fenn as the victim of a car accident. During rehearsals, Lynch began talking about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe with Cage and Dern. The director acquired a copy of Elvis’ Golden Hits and after listening to it, called Cage and told him that he had to sing two songs, “Love Me” and “Love Me Tender”. The actor agreed and recorded them so that he could lip-synch to them on the set. At one point, Cage called Lynch and asked if he could wear a snakeskin jacket in the film and Lynch incorporated it into his script. Before filming started, Dern suggested that she and Cage go on a weekend road trip to Las Vegas in order to bond and get a handle on their characters. Dern remembers, “We agreed that Sailor and Lula needed to be one person, one character, and we would each share it. I got the sexual, wild, Marilyn, gum-chewing fantasy, female side; Nick’s got the snakeskin, Elvis, raw, combustible, masculine side”

Lula’s psychopathic mother goes crazy at the thought of Lula being with Sailor, who just got free from jail. Ignoring Sailor’s probation, they set out for California. However their mother hires a killer to hunt down Sailor. Unaware of this, the two enjoy their journey and themselves being together… until they witness a young woman dying after a car accident – a bad omen.

TrailerWild at Heart – Theatrical Trailer

This here movie represents a symbol of Ian‘s individuality, and my belief in personal freedom.